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[ kˈada͡ɪ lˈaŋɡwɪd͡ʒ], [ kˈada‍ɪ lˈaŋɡwɪd‍ʒ], [ k_ˈa_d_aɪ l_ˈa_ŋ_ɡ_w_ɪ_dʒ]

Kadai language refers to a group of languages spoken in southern China, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. The term Kadai language is widely used, but there are other words that can be used as synonyms to refer to this language group. These include Tai-Kadai, Daic, Kam-Tai, and Tai-Kradai. Tai-Kadai is the most commonly used term and refers specifically to the branch of Kadai languages that include Thai and Lao. Daic is an older term used to describe the same language group, while Kam-Tai emphasizes the linguistic relationship between the Kam-Sui and Tai-Kadai groups. Tai-Kradai is a more recent term that aims to emphasize the genetic relationship between the Tai and Kradai language families.

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The Kadai Language is a small language spoken by the Kadai people in the east-central part of India. The Kadai are a tribal people who live in isolated villages. Their language is similar to the Koropatki language spoken by the Koropatki people in the north-central part of India. The Kadai and Koropatki people are apparently closely related. The Kadai language is not well known outside of India. There is no published literature in Kadai.

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