What is another word for kaffir boom?

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[ kˈafi͡ə bˈuːm], [ kˈafi‍ə bˈuːm], [ k_ˈa_f_iə b_ˈuː_m]

The term "kaffir boom" is an offensive and outdated term that was previously used to describe a type of tree found in South Africa. Due to its racial connotations, the term has been replaced with more appropriate and respectful synonyms such as "wild peach," "bushveld mango," or "Transvaal milkplum." These synonyms not only avoid the derogatory implications of the term "kaffir," but also provide more accurate descriptions of the tree's appearance and characteristics. As language evolves, it is important to recognize and replace harmful terminology with more inclusive and respectful language.

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When the diamond industry was booming, South Africa was the bread and butter of the industry. Diamond companies from all over the world flocked to Johannesburg and the surrounding areas in search of the purest diamonds and black diamonds. The Kimberley region, where the story of the "kaffir boom" takes place, was especially hurt as a result. De Beers Consolidated Mines (DCM), the country's largest diamond company, had a monopoly over the industry, and they exercised their influence to keep the price of diamonds high.

In the 1970s, the market for diamonds began to decline as other countries developed their own diamond industries.

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