What is another word for kaffiyeh?

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[ kˈafɪjˌe͡ɪ], [ kˈafɪjˌe‍ɪ], [ k_ˈa_f_ɪ_j_ˌeɪ]

Kaffiyeh is a traditional Arabic headdress and has several synonyms in different regions. In Palestine, it is called "Hattah" or "Kuffiyeh," in Jordan it's commonly referred to as "Shmagh" or "Smand," and in Iraq, it's known as "Keffiyah." The word "Ghutrah" is also used in the United Arab Emirates. The kaffiyeh is worn by men and women as a symbol of national identity and pride in the Middle East. It is made of cotton and typically comes in black and white or red and white patterns. The kaffiyeh has become a fashion statement worldwide and is worn by people of all cultures.

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How to use "Kaffiyeh" in context?

The kaffiyeh, or "scarf of the desert," is a headdress primarily worn by men in the Middle East. It is a long, rectangular piece of cloth that is folded in half and worn over the head. The common color of the kaffiyeh is white, but it can also be made from other colors and patterns. The kaffiyeh is traditionally made from broadcloth, though nowadays it is also made from other materials, like cotton.

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