What is another word for kahuna?

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[ kahˈuːnə], [ kahˈuːnə], [ k_a_h_ˈuː_n_ə]

Kahuna is a Hawaiian word that refers to a respected or skilled expert in a certain field. This word is often associated with spiritual leaders, healers, or experts in traditional Hawaiian practices. There are many ways to describe a kahuna, and several synonyms have emerged to capture the full extent of their skill and expertise. Some of the words that are commonly used as synonyms for kahuna include guru, master, sage, wizard, adept, and authority. These words all describe someone who is highly skilled and respected in their field, and who has a deep understanding of the practices and traditions that define it.

How to use "Kahuna" in context?

The kahuna is a revered figure within the Maori culture. Retired religious teachers, usually men, are given the title after they have completed an apprenticeship and undergone sacred rituals. Kahunas have the power to heal and bring prophetic wisdom to their tribes.

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