What is another word for Kaizen?

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Kaizen is a Japanese term that refers to continuous improvement, both personally and professionally. This principle has made significant strides in business and is used around the world to improve product quality and delivery, process efficiency, and cost reduction. Other commonly used synonyms for kaizen include "continuous improvement," "incremental change," and "continuous progress." Additionally, "quality management," "process optimization," "lean manufacturing," and "total productive maintenance" are also closely related concepts. Every synonym for kaizen revolves around the idea of never stopping seeking to improve, both by making small improvements every day and by continuously refining processes. Whatever term you use, the mantra is the same: always strive to improve.

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    Kaizen is a method of continuous improvement that can be used in any organization, including hospitals. Kaizen is based on the principle of " Learning by Doing " and involves practicing continual improvement techniques in order to make an organization more efficient and effective. Kaizen is often used to improve processes and flow in an organization, but can also be used to improve service delivery and product quality.

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