What is another word for Kalah?

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[ kˈalə], [ kˈalə], [ k_ˈa_l_ə]

Kalah is a traditional African board game that goes by different names in different parts of the continent. In East Africa, it is called Bao, while in South Africa, it is known as "mancala." But there are other words that can be used as synonyms for Kalah, like Oware, Awele, or Warri. Although these games may have slight variations in their rules, they all share the same basic concept of sowing and capturing seeds or pebbles on a board with circular pits. Today, many people enjoy playing these games as a recreational activity or as a way to teach strategic thinking, math skills, and social values.

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Kalah women's traditional wear includes a wrap-around skirt and a colorful blouse, generally with a zipper running down the front. The colorful skirts are made with many layers of fabric and sewn together, sometimes with a ornate design. The blouses are often made of a cotton and rayon blend, and are often a contrasting color with the skirt.

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