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The word "keeper" has numerous synonyms that can replace it in different contexts. A few common synonyms of "keeper" are protector, guardian, custodian, caretaker, steward, and warden. These words can be used interchangeably and refer to someone who is responsible for taking care of something or someone. For example, a park ranger is a keeper of natural parks, while a zookeeper is a caretaker for animals. A guardian is a keeper of the child's welfare, while a steward is a keeper of the resources. The term "keeper" may also refer to a goal keeper in soccer or a score keeper in basketball, in which cases the synonyms to use might be goalkeeper or scorer, respectively.

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A keeper is a person who watches over or guards something.

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    The keeper is a great addition to any falconry enthusiast's arsenal. With a capacity of up to 4 quarts, the Keeper is perfect for feeding your falcons while you are away from the birds. The Keeper features a locking lid to help prevent food from being spilled and a built-in thermometer to make sure the food is at the correct temperature.

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