What is another word for Khakis?

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Khakis are a common item of clothing that are typically made from a durable cotton twill fabric and come in neutral colors like tan, beige, or olive green. However, there are quite a few different synonyms and common terms used to describe this versatile clothing item. Casual pants, chinos, slacks, cargo pants, and Dockers are all synonymous with khakis. Casual pants tends to be a broader term for any type of relaxed-fitting pant, while chinos are usually a more formal version of khakis. Cargo pants and Dockers typically have additional pockets on the legs, and slacks are usually more formal and often made of dressier materials. Nevertheless, all of these terms can be used to describe a pair of khakis.

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How to use "Khakis" in context?

Khakis may be the quintessential pant for a summer day in the United States. Made from khaki-colored cotton twill, these pants are light but durable, and can be worn casually or dressed up. Originally designed in the 1920s in India, khakis are now a staple in many Ashkenazi Jewish neighborhoods and on the campuses of many American colleges.

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