What is another word for kibitz?

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Kibitz is a term that originated in Yiddish and is often associated with Jewish customs and culture. It is typically used to describe someone who offers unsolicited advice or commentary in a humorous or sarcastic manner. Some synonyms for kibitz include gab, chat, chatter, banter, gossip, prattle, and blather. These words all describe a form of idle talk or conversation that is often seen as intrusive or annoying. In some cases, kibitzing can be seen as a harmless way to pass the time, but in others, it can be seen as a form of interference or disruption of a serious or focused conversation.

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    Kibitzing is a word derived from the Yiddish kebytz, meaning to chat. Kibitzing is a term used in Chess to describe communications between opponents during the game. Kibitzing is mutually beneficial; it allows both sides to exchange ideas, and it offers time for concentration for the player with the advantage. Kibitzing also discourages stratagems that would allow one player to gain an advantage over the opponent by taking sole possession of the board.

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