What is another word for kinswoman?

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[ kˈɪnswʊmən], [ kˈɪnswʊmən], [ k_ˈɪ_n_s_w_ʊ_m_ə_n]

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    Synonyms for Kinswoman:

    How to use "Kinswoman" in context?

    Kinswomen are women who are related to another woman, either by blood or by adoption. This relationship can be a source of strength and support, as well as vulnerability and conflict. Kinswomen share common ancestral narratives, cultural expectations, and experiences, which can create a strong, albeit interdependent, bond.

    As kin relations become increasingly central to our social lives, kinswomen are often left out of discussions about family dynamics, power arrangements, and kinship systems. This lack of knowledge can impact kinswomen in many ways, including their ability to effectively advocate for themselves and to create healthy, reciprocal relationships.

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