What is another word for kisses?

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There are many synonyms for the word "kisses" that can be used to add variety and nuance to your writing. For example, "pecks" suggests a quick and light touch of the lips, while "smooches" conveys a slightly more passionate and drawn-out kiss. "Lipsmacks" describes the sound of a kiss, and "busses" (pronounced "buzzes") is an old-fashioned term that can be used to refer to short, sweet kisses. "Smothers" suggests a more overwhelming and intense kissing experience, while "nuzzles" implies a gentle, affectionate touch of noses. By using these synonyms and others like them, you can add depth and texture to your writing about matters of the heart.

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How to use "Kisses" in context?

When we're in love, the simplest things feel like a big gesture. Kissing is something that can mean the world to us - it's a way to let our love show in the simplest way possible.

Kissing is so special that it can be considered an art form in its own right. Unique and passionate kisses are always a joy to experience, and they remind us that there's nothing like true love.

Kissing is a way to express our feelings, and it can be very intimate. Whether we're in love or just enjoying a moment together, a kiss is a beautiful way to connect.

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