What is another word for knobbed?

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Knobbed is a word that describes something that has knobs or protrusions on its surface. Some synonyms for knobbed include bumpy, lumpy, knobby, gnarled, ribbed, and raised. These words are often used to describe rough textures or surfaces that have irregular shapes or patterns. For example, a bumpy road might have a lot of knobbed sections that are difficult to drive over. Similarly, a knobby tree trunk or a ribbed piece of fabric might have a lot of interesting textures that make them stand out. Whether you are describing a natural object or a man-made one, there are many words you can use to convey the same sense of texture and shape as knobbed.

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    How to use "Knobbed" in context?

    The knobbed game bird is a game bird in the pheasant family native to eastern and southern Africa. It is classified under the genus Ansorhynchus and the family Phasianidae. It is closely related to the common quail.

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