What is another word for Kyyiv?

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[ kˈa͡ɪjɪv], [ kˈa‍ɪjɪv], [ k_ˈaɪ_j_ɪ_v]

Related words: Kyyiv, Ukraine, Kyiv, Kyivskyi, Kyivskyi District, Kyiv City

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    Kyiv, Ukraine's capital and largest city, deserves its place at the center of any traveler's Ukrainian itinerary. Situated on the banks of the Dnieper River, Kyiv is one of the oldest and most lavishly ornamented cities in Eastern Europe. It boasts centuries-old thermal baths, a lively market district and beautiful architecture. Kyiv's attractions don't stop there, though. Musicians and artists flock to the city, and there are dozens of restaurants and nightlife options to choose from. Kyiv is also a great base for exploring the Ukrainian countryside.

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      • Proper noun, singular
        kiev, kyiv.

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