What is another word for labium?

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Labium refers to the lip or lips of an organism. In anatomy, it often refers to the folds of skin surrounding female genitalia. Synonyms for labium include lip, labrum, labia, and vermilion border. In dentistry, labium also refers to the lower lip, while the upper lip is called the labrum. The words labia or labium, are commonly associated with the female anatomy, whereas the term vermilion border is often associated with the lips of the mouth. Other synonyms for labium include dental labium, buccal labium, and genitofemoral labium. These terms describe the different types of labia in various organisms and areas of the body.

How to use "Labium" in context?

Labium is a small, fleshy, sexually-associated organ located between the anus and the penis in male humans and other animals.

The word "labium" comes from the Latin word "labium", meaning "lip", and this organ is known as the clitoris in females. The labium is similar in shape to a human lip except that it has a lot of folds in it and it is larger in size. The labium is important because it is the organ that covers the opening of the vagina and it is where the male penis inserts during sexual activity.

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