What is another word for lactaid?

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[ lˈakte͡ɪd], [ lˈakte‍ɪd], [ l_ˈa_k_t_eɪ_d]

"Lactaid" is a trademarked brand name used for lactose-free milk products. For individuals who either have lactose intolerance or prefer to consume dairy without lactose, there are other synonyms to use. These include lactose-free milk, plant-based milk alternatives such as almond milk or soy milk, and dairy products containing lactase enzymes, which help break down lactose. Other terms, such as non-dairy milk, dairy-free milk, or milk substitutes can also be used as alternatives to lactaid. Regardless of which term is used, it's important to check product labels carefully to ensure that the desired level of lactose has been removed or replaced.

Synonyms for Lactaid:

How to use "Lactaid" in context?

Lactaid is a dairy product that contains lactose and is used as a food additive to reduce lactose intolerance in people who cannot digest lactose.

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