What is another word for lafitte?

7 synonyms found


[ lɐfˈiːt], [ lɐfˈiːt], [ l_ɐ_f_ˈiː_t]

Related words: Laffite's Blacksmith Shop, Laffite's Blacksmith

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    Synonyms for Lafitte:

    How to use "Lafitte" in context?

    Jean lafitte, the ' Caribbean Pirate King ', was the preeminent Lafitte pirate in the Gulf of Mexico during the 18th century. Lafitte's infamous French pirate crew wreaked havoc on the Spanish shipping industry in the Gulf of Mexico, capturing and looting merchant shipping, and penetrating into the heart of New Spain. Lafitte was ultimately betrayed and captured by the Spanish in 1784. Lafitte was tried and executed for piracy in 1795.

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