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Lake Tana, located in the northwestern region of Ethiopia, is a significant body of water that provides livelihood to the local communities around it. It is the largest lake in Ethiopia and has been referred to differently by various cultures and communities. For instance, in Amharic (Ethiopia's official language), Lake Tana is often called "T'ana Hayk" or "Dambal T'ach" while the locals around the lake refer to it as "Bahr Tarik", which translates to the "Sea of Tarik," in reference to a local sultan. Additionally, it is also known as "Dembiya" after the nearby administrative region or simply "Lake Tzana" in some instances. These various synonyms all refer to the beautiful Lake Tana, which remains a significant source of life for those living near it.

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Lake Tana is a world-famous alpine lake in Ethiopia.

The approximately 8,500-meter-long and 2,000-meter-wide lake is located in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. The lake is fed by the Omo River and is one of the deepest lakes in Ethiopia, with a maximum depth of 209 meters. The lake is ringed by low hills and is somewhat oval-shaped.

Lake Tana is popular among tourists for its beauty and its many resorts. It is well-known for its trout fishing, and there are several different types of fishing boats that can be rented.

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