What is another word for lambaste?

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[ lˈambast], [ lˈambast], [ l_ˈa_m_b_a_s_t]

"Lambaste" is a verb that means to criticize or reprimand severely. There are a variety of synonyms to choose from when seeking a different way to express the concept of "lambasting." Some options include "berate," "castigate," "chastise," "condemn," "criticize," "rebuke," "reproach," "scold," and "upbraid." Each of these synonyms conveys a similar degree of disapproval, but may have slightly different connotations or associations. Choosing the right synonym depends on the tone and context of the message being delivered, as well as the audience and purpose of the communication.

Synonyms for Lambaste:

How to use "Lambaste" in context?

Lambaste, verb. To lash harshly or inconsiderately with a whip, strap, or other implement. 1. To lash out in anger or frustration. "He lambasted me for being late." 2. To criticize sharply. "He lambasted her work in front of the entire class." 3. To inflict harsh physical punishment on. "My dad always lambasts me for getting bad grades." 4. To thrash about excitedly. "The lambasting the crowd gave me a huge rush." 5. To lavish praise on extravagantly. "Everyone at the party lambasted her new dress, but I thought it was beautiful." 6.

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