What is another word for landside?

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The term "landside" typically refers to the area of an airport that is outside of the secure passenger areas. Synonyms for this word include "public area", "non-secure area", and "terminal front". The landside area of an airport generally includes the check-in and baggage claim areas, as well as various shops, restaurants, and other amenities that are accessible to anyone - whether they are traveling or not. While the landside area of an airport is an important part of the overall travel experience, many travelers are eager to get through security and into the airside (secure) area as quickly as possible.

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    How to use "Landside" in context?

    The term "landside" typically refers to the part of an airport where aircraft passengers and cargo are transferred to and from the ground. Landside facilities can include things like ticket counters, baggage claim, and cargo loading areas.

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