What is another word for lank?

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Lank is a word that is typically used to describe something that is thin, lean, or slender. However, there are numerous synonyms available that can be used in place of lank. Some of these include skinny, gaunt, scrawny, bony, emaciated, and skeletal. Other options might include lean, wiry, angular, or lithe. Depending on the context, you might choose to use a synonym that emphasizes the lack of bulk or substance, such as spare or slight. Alternatively, you might opt for a word that implies gracefulness or agility, such as supple, nimble, or agile. Whatever your choice, there are plenty of synonyms available to help you add variety and depth to your writing.

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How to use "Lank" in context?

The word "lank" is derived from the Old English word "land" and refers to the thin, sparse hair on the arms, legs, and chest of men and women. The term is often used to describe someone who appears pale and weak. In ancient times, people used to attribute the thin, pale hair on a person's arms or legs to the fact that the person had recently been away from the land.

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