What is another word for lanterns?

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Lanterns are a common item used for decorative purposes and lighting, especially in outdoor settings. They add a cozy and warm glow to any event or gathering. If you're looking for synonyms for the word lanterns, there are several options that you can use to add variety and flavor to your language. Some popular synonyms for lanterns include lamps, lights, candles, beacons, illumination, and torches. Each of these synonyms carries a slightly different connotation or implication that you can use to create unique and vivid descriptions. For example, you might use the word torches to suggest a more rustic or adventurous atmosphere, while lamps might convey a more refined or classic ambiance. Whatever synonym you choose, lanterns are a timeless and delightful element that can enhance any occasion.

How to use "Lanterns" in context?

There's something about a warm, glowing lantern that just makes the evening feel more special. And while they might be most popular in colder months, lanterns can make any night feel like a happy occasion. For something special, go for a real artisanal lantern made from glass or metal. Or get a battery-operated model that you can take with you anywhere.

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