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Lashing is a strong word that refers to a forceful or violent action, such as beating, thrashing, or whipping. There are several synonyms for lashing, including flailing, scourging, flogging, and belting. These words are often used in the context of punishment or discipline, but can also be used figuratively to describe an intense emotional reaction or a forceful physical movement. Other synonyms for lashing might include smacking, slapping, striking, whipping, or hitting, which all convey a sense of force and impact. Whether used literally or metaphorically, lashing implies a powerful and often painful experience.

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    Lashing is a rural practice in southern parts of India, Bangladesh and Nepal that involves using a single or double strip of cloth, usually hemp, worn around the waist like a belt, to inflict physical punishment on prisoners, sometimes with a bare hand. It is also used as a form of discipline in schools and homes. Lashing is often given as a form of punishment for schoolchildren, especially those who misbehave, as well as criminals.

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