What is another word for lastex?

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[ lˈastɛks], [ lˈastɛks], [ l_ˈa_s_t_ɛ_k_s]

Synonyms for Lastex:

How to use "Lastex" in context?

Lastex was created to offer the brokerage industry a new way to trade derivatives. With Lastex, traders can execute trades in real-time, which eliminates the need for the warehousing and settlement of derivatives contracts.

At its core, Lastex is a derivative exchange that allows its users to trade derivatives contracts that are denominated in multiple currencies. The exchange offers a wide range of derivative products, including interest-rate swaps, commodity futures and options, credit default swaps, and foreign exchange deals.

Lastex is headquartered in London and has offices in New York, Chicago, Tokyo, and Frankfurt.

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