What is another word for latchkey?

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The term "latchkey" refers to a child who returns home after school to an empty house and is responsible for their own care until their parents return. There are several synonyms for this word that offer different nuances of the same concept. For instance, "keyless," "unsupervised," or "unattended" all have similar meanings. "Self-sufficient" also applies, as it signifies the child's ability to take care of themselves. Other synonyms include "independent," "alone," "left alone," "unsupported," and "abandoned." Regardless of the term used, the idea remains the same: children who are left to their own devices after school without parental supervision.

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How to use "Latchkey" in context?

Latchkey is a term used to describe children who are left home alone for extended periods of time, typically during the school day. The term is typically used to describe children who are significantly less fortunate than those who have other forms of supportive care in place, such as daycare or having a parent or guardian home during the day. The incidence of latchkey has increased in recent years, as has the incidence of child abuse and neglect. There are a number of reasons why latchkey can be hazardous to child development. Latchkey children are more likely to experience anxiety and loneliness, which can lead to negative social and emotional outcomes.

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