What is another word for launcher?

Pronunciation: [lˈɔːnt͡ʃə] (IPA)

A launcher is a device or software program that initiates or starts the operation of another application or tool. There are several synonyms used in different contexts to refer to launchers. Some of the common synonyms used are initiator, activator, trigger, starter, opener, and originator. These synonyms are used to describe a wide range of launchers, including mobile app launchers, desktop application launchers, game launchers, and web application launchers. The use of synonyms for the word launcher helps provide variety and prevents repetition of the same word in a text or speech. Synonyms also add depth and complexity to the language, making it rich and vibrant.

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Usage examples for Launcher

With the launcher dragging at him, they would get him sooner or later.
"Way of a Rebel"
Walter M. Miller
He squeezed his way up through the narrow conning tower and sat on the small deck, leaning back against the rocket-launcher and dangling his feet in the calm ocean.
"Way of a Rebel"
Walter M. Miller
As a fisherman, Mr. Leslie, R.A., tells us, Walker looked upon the steam-launcher as his natural enemy; and it was while the two friends were on the river together that the incident occurred, and the drawing was decided upon.
"The History of "Punch""
M. H. Spielmann

Famous quotes with Launcher

  • If I had a rocket launcher, some son of a bitch would die.
    Bruce Cockburn
  • I think American Idol is a great career launcher. A blessing for all of us.
    LaToya London
  • A slipping gear in your M203 grenade launcher can cause it to fire when you least expect it. This could make you very unpopular with what is left of your unit.
  • If I had a rocket launcher Some son of a bitch would die
    Bruce Cockburn

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