What is another word for leaf bud?

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[ lˈiːf bˈʌd], [ lˈiːf bˈʌd], [ l_ˈiː_f b_ˈʌ_d]

Leaf buds are essential for the growth and development of plants, and having a good understanding of synonyms for the term can keep communication in the field precise. Other words that can be used to describe leaf buds include leaf nodes, dormant buds, and vegetative buds. Leaf nodes refer to the part of the stem where the leaves attach while dormant buds describe a period where plants are not actively growing. Vegetative buds, on the other hand, are those that form on shoots, typically beneath new growth. Knowing these alternative terms may help in identifying specific types of buds and promote better communication in the field of plant biology.

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How to use "Leaf bud" in context?

Leaf bud is the signalling organ of leaves and during the process of photosynthesis, the chloroplasts get loaded with pigment. The pigment is then spread evenly throughout the leaf while the leaf bud is shrinking and dying.

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