What is another word for leased?

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When it comes to leasing, there are several synonym terms that can be used to refer to the transfer of property or assets for a specified time and a specific charge. Examples of such terms include renting, hiring, leasing, letting, chartering, sublet, and sublease. Although these terms have similarities, they have slight differences in meaning and usage. For instance, renting is the temporary occupation of property or an asset in exchange for payment, while leasing involves a long-term agreement. Similarly, chartering refers to leasing or hiring vehicles or boats for transportation-based purposes. In conclusion, it's essential to understand the differences between these synonym terms before making any leasing decisions.

How to use "Leased" in context?

Leased is a word we use all the time. We lease a car, lease an apartment, lease a plane ticket, lease a movie. It's a word that we use to describe a temporary agreement between two or more parties where one party rents or borrows something from the other.

The most common type of lease is the residential lease. Residential leases are usually for a fixed period of time, such as six months or a year. During the lease period, the tenant has the right to use the property, but is not allowed to own it.

Other types of leases include commercial leases and student leases.

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