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The term 'leases' is commonly used in the field of real estate, wherein it refers to a contractual agreement between a landlord and a tenant for the occupation and use of a property. Synonyms for the word 'leases' include rental agreements, tenancy agreements, occupancy contracts, or leasehold arrangements. These synonyms refer to the legal documents that bind two parties in a contractual agreement for the use and enjoyment of a property for a particular period. Some of the similar words for 'lease' can also include rental contracts, property agreements, and leasehold deals. Overall, these synonyms emphasize the importance of a legally enforceable contract that sets the expectations and rights of both the landlord and tenant in a rental agreement.

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How to use "Leases" in context?

A lease is a formal agreement between a landlord and tenant for the rental of property. Under state law, leases are considered contracts. A lease can be for a fixed or indefinite period of time and can include provisions for renewals or extensions.

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