What is another word for leave on?

Pronunciation: [lˈiːv ˈɒn] (IPA)

Synonyms for the phrase "leave on" include "keep on", "retain", "maintain", "continue", and "sustain". These terms all refer to the action of not removing or stopping something. "Keep on" stresses the idea of ongoing preservation or continuation. On the other hand, "retain" suggests the act of holding or keeping possession of something. "Maintain" emphasizes the notion of sustaining or upholding a particular state or condition. Similarly, "continue" highlights the idea of not interrupting or halting an activity or situation. Lastly, "sustain" conveys the idea of keeping something going or supporting its existence. In various contexts, these synonyms are used to express the concept of not ceasing or leaving aside a particular matter or action.

What are the opposite words for leave on?

The phrase "leave on" implies the action of keeping something turned on or active. The antonyms (or opposite words) to this phrase would involve actions such as turning off or powering down. These antonyms might include expressions such as "shut down," "switch off," "power down," or "turn off." In contrast to the idea of leaving something on, these phrases indicate the action of intentionally turning something off or ending its active state. Examples of actions that might require these antonyms include shutting off an appliance after use, turning off lights when leaving a room, and powering down electronic devices when not in use.

What are the antonyms for Leave on?

Famous quotes with Leave on

  • It was a wonderful experience to play in the NFL, and I have no regrets. I truly will miss playing for the Lions. I consider the Lions' players, coaches, staff, management and fans my family. I leave on good terms with everyone in the organization.
    Barry Sanders
  • When I was four or five, my father had a general store in Winchester and I don't think the farmers could ever leave on Saturday afternoon until I had been placed up on the counter to sing.
    Dinah Shore
  • The Idea of the Priest is not, therefore, a primal force; it is an accidental complex of various forces, among which there is no essential connection. Their temporary union is due simply to the fact that they have happened to come into conflict in actual life, and have been compelled to compromise and join hands. The living, absolute Idea, which strove to make itself all-powerful, and changed the external form of life while remaining itself unchanged—this elemental Idea has died and passed away together with its Prophets. Nothing remains but its effects—the superficial impress that it has been able to leave on the complex form of life. It is this form of life, already outworn, that the Priests strive to perpetuate, for the sake of the Prophetic impress that it bears.
    Ahad Ha'am
  • The Israeli army has given well-publicized notice to civilians to leave those areas of southern Lebanon that have been turned into war zones. Those who voluntarily remain behind have become complicit. Some -- those who cannot leave on their own -- should be counted among
    Alan Dershowitz

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