What is another word for lecture?

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Lecture is a way of imparting information to an audience in a structured manner. However, there are other ways to refer to this method of communication. One synonym for lecture is discourse, which refers to a lengthy discussion on a particular topic. Another synonym is sermon, which is primarily used in a religious context. A talk is another word for lecture, and it can be used to refer to a more informal presentation. A speech is also a synonym for lecture, but the term is usually reserved for formal occasions. Finally, a lesson can also be considered a synonym for lecture, especially when it is used to refer to a classroom setting.

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    A lecture is typically a presentation of information to a group of people. It can be a forum for public speakers to share their thoughts on a variety of topics, or it can be the mechanism by which a professor presents relevant material to her students. Lectures can be informative and entertaining, and can be used to teach a wide range of topics.

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