What is another word for leggings?

Pronunciation: [lˈɛɡɪŋz] (IPA)

Leggings are a wardrobe staple for many, but sometimes it's nice to switch up the terminology. There are several synonyms for the word leggings that can add a little variety to your wardrobe description. Tights are similar to leggings, but usually made of thinner material and are more sheer. Jeggings combines the comfort of leggings with the look of jeans. Stirrup pants are leggings with a strap that goes under the foot to hold them in place. Footless tights are like leggings, but often made of thicker material and can be worn as pants. Skinny pants are pants with a tight fit throughout, similar to leggings. Overall, there are several ways to describe your favorite tight-fitting bottoms.

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What are the hypernyms for Leggings?

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Usage examples for Leggings

Her hair was neatly combed; around her neck she had several strings of different-colored beads, large and of bogus pearls; she had on a short gown closely fitting her neck and body, and extending to her knees; it was made out of soft buckskin and was tastefully ornamented with beads, and fringed around the bottom; her lower limbs were wrapped in buckskin leggings with fringed stripes at the sides; her feet were covered with a neat pair of moccasins, ornamented with beads.
"Memoirs of Orange Jacobs"
Orange Jacobs
He stood a moment flicking his leggings with the lash of the long whip curled on his arm.
"The Pioneers"
Katharine Susannah Prichard
The brother and G. had come in from riding, G. in grey riding-skirt and white jacket, and the brother in riding-breeches and leggings, and two men and a lady came in with clubs from golf.
"From Edinburgh to India & Burmah"
William G. Burn Murdoch

Famous quotes with Leggings

  • I wear women's leggings under my clothes, but no lingerie.
    Dennis Rodman

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