What is another word for legitimize?

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Legitimize is a verb that means to make something legitimate or legal. Synonyms for legitimize include validate, authorize, legalize, accredit, certify, ratify, endorse, empower, and justify. These words all describe the act of making something official or acceptable by law or societal norms. For example, when a government recognizes a new country as legitimate, they are legitimizing its existence. Similarly, when a business receives accreditation from a reputable institution, it legitimizes its operations and services. Using synonyms for legitimize in speech or writing can add variation to language and help avoid repetition.

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How to use "Legitimize" in context?

Legitimizing behavior means making it conform to accepted norms or practices. It can be done in two ways: by giving it a sanctioned or legal status or by making it appear reasonable or acceptable. Many things that may seem illegitimate or illegal to one person may be seen as acceptable behavior by another person.

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