What is another word for lengths?

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[ lˈɛŋθs], [ lˈɛŋθs], [ l_ˈɛ_ŋ_θ_s]

Lengths refer to the extent or measure of something from one end to another. There are several synonyms for the term lengths, such as distance, dimension, stretch, extent, and span. Distance is used to describe the space or area between two points and is often associated with traveling. Dimension refers to the size or measurement of an object, while stretch conveys the idea of stretching or lengthening something. Extent refers to the degree or the range to which something exists, and span describes the distance or duration of something. These synonyms for lengths can help add variety and clarity to your writing when describing the measurement or extent of something.

How to use "Lengths" in context?

Most people think of length in terms of width, when in fact length can also refers to the depth or thickness of something. For example, a piece of paper is typically shorter than a DVD, because a DVD is thicker than a piece of paper. When measuring length, use both the width and the depth to get a more accurate result.

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