What is another word for lengthy?

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[ lˈɛŋθi], [ lˈɛŋθi], [ l_ˈɛ_ŋ_θ_i]

When a piece of writing is "lengthy," it can be difficult to hold a reader's attention. Luckily, there are plenty of synonyms to help make your prose more concise and engaging. "Long-winded" is a common alternative, highlighting the excess of unnecessary words in a lengthy piece. "Prolix" is more formal, emphasizing the repetitive nature of long writing. "Tedious" highlights the dullness that might accompany a drawn-out article. "Verbose" points to the excessive verbiage in a lengthy text, whereas "rambling" implies a lack of structure. When you're editing your writing, try using these synonyms to help you trim down the word count and make your writing more engaging.

Synonyms for Lengthy:

How to use "Lengthy" in context?

Lengthy is an adjective meaning long or extensive. It can describe things such as a conversation, a novel, or a period of time. When we use lengthy to describe something, we're emphasizing that it's important or worth spending time on.

Lengthy conversations are one of the things that make life interesting. They can provide us with new perspectives and allow us to learn a lot about someone else. We often enjoy exploring new interests with people we trust, and lengthy conversations are a great way to do that.

Lengthy novels are another type of thing that can be described as lengthy.

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