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Leucocyte is a term commonly used in biology and medicine to describe a white blood cell. However, depending on the context, there are several synonyms that can also be used to refer to this type of cell. One such synonym is leukocyte, which is actually a more commonly used spelling variation. Other synonyms include white blood cells, white cells, and lymphocytes. These terms all describe various types of cells that are important to the functioning of the human immune system. By using these different synonyms in scientific and medical writing, professionals can avoid repetition and add variety to their language.

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The term "leucocyte" is derived from the Ancient Greek words leukos (meaning white) and cytos (meaning cell). Leucocytes are white blood cells that help the body defend itself against infection. There are two main types of leucocytes: the lymphatic system leucocytes, which circulate throughout the body and help fight inflammation; and the myeloid system leucocytes, which form the bone marrow and work to produce new blood cells.

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