What is another word for liable?

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Synonyms for the word "liable" include responsible, accountable, answerable, and susceptible. When something or someone is considered "liable," it means that they are likely or potentially subject to some sort of consequence or penalty. "Responsible" generally implies a sense of duty or obligation, while "accountable" suggests that someone is answerable for their actions or decisions. Similarly, "answerable" implies that someone can be asked to explain their behavior or actions. "Susceptible" suggests that someone is vulnerable to something, such as illness or damage. Choosing the right synonym depends on the context in which the word is used and the precise meaning that you want to convey.

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    Liability is a legal concept that determines what an individual or entity is liable for in a legal proceeding. The concept of liability can be traced back to the Anglo-French law of delicts, which is based on the theory of mutuality of obligations. Under this theory, every party is responsible for any harm that its action causes to another party. This principle is also known as the doctrine of proportionality.

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