What is another word for life force?

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Life force is a concept that describes the energy or power that animates living things. Different cultures and traditions have their own terms to describe this phenomenon. In Hinduism, it is called Prana, while the Chinese call it Qi. Other synonyms for life force include Vitality, Energy, Spirit, Soul, Essence, Breath, and Force of Life. These terms all refer to the invisible force that gives life to organisms and enables them to function. The idea of life force is sometimes associated with healing practices such as acupuncture, meditation, and yoga. Understanding the different terms used to describe life force can help us appreciate its importance in maintaining balance and harmony in the natural world.

How to use "Life force" in context?

In the ancient Indian philosophical system, Dvaita Vedanta, life force is described as the fundamental reality underlying all aspects of existence. Everything that exists, from the smallest particle to the most complex system, is said to be an expression or manifestation of Brahman, the eternal, all-pervasive, Reality.

In the Western philosophical tradition, the concept of life force is most famously expressed in the work of alchemist, philosopher, and scientist Nicholas Flamel. In his book The Philosopher's Stone, Flamel argues that life is the manifestation of a mysterious universal force, known as the alchemical Philosopher's Stone.

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