What is another word for life work?

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[ lˈa͡ɪf wˈɜːk], [ lˈa‍ɪf wˈɜːk], [ l_ˈaɪ_f w_ˈɜː_k]

Synonyms for Life work:

How to use "Life work" in context?

Working life is a life of constant challenges. You are constantly in a race against time, striving to meet or exceed expectations. It is the sum total of everything you do to make a living and support yourself, from when you clock in at the office to when you retire. While it can be demanding and take a toll on your body, it is also one of the most rewarding things in life. Here are six life-work challenges that every person faces.

1. Balance work and personal life.

Everyone has different priorities, so it is important to find a work schedule and social life that work well together.

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