What is another word for light show?

87 synonyms found


[ lˈa͡ɪt ʃˈə͡ʊ], [ lˈa‍ɪt ʃˈə‍ʊ], [ l_ˈaɪ_t ʃ_ˈəʊ]

How to use "Light show" in context?

There's a special kind of magic that happens when a diverse range of colored lights combine to create a mesmerizing light show. This experience is not just for amusement; light shows can also be used as a means of promoting relaxation and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Anyone who has spent time outdoors during the summertime knows how magical a light show can be. The varying hues of light combine to form enchanting patterns that can overwhelm the senses.

Some of the earliest forms of light shows were displayed by carnivals and fairs. These days, light shows can be found at businesses and restaurants all over the world.

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