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Lights are essential for illumination and accomplishing a range of tasks. There are multiple synonyms for lights, such as lamps, bulbs, lanterns, beacons, illuminators, and torches. Each of these words refers to a source of light that can be used in various scenarios. For instance, while lamps and bulbs are useful for indoor lighting in homes and offices, lanterns and beacons are ideal for outdoor settings. Similarly, torches are popular sources of light during camping or hiking trips. Regardless of the synonyms used, each of them provides the much-needed light to enhance visibility and visibility, whether used indoors or outdoors.

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How to use "Lights" in context?

One of the first things that comes to mind when people think of a light is the lightbulb. On a smaller scale, lightbulbs are also used to light up a roadway at night or in a dark room. They are also used to see in the dark, illuminate a theater or to signal daybreak.

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