What is another word for limerick?

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Limerick, a type of humorous poem consisting of five lines, is a popular form of poetry that originated from Ireland. However, not everyone is aware of the different synonyms that can be used to refer to this type of poem. Some of the alternative terms that can be used include Nantucket, rhyming couplet, Aabba, and leprechaun. Additionally, limericks can also be referred to as silly verses, nonsense rhymes, or short ribaldry. Regardless of the name used, the essence of a limerick remains the same: they are witty, entertaining, and often leave readers with a chuckle.

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    How to use "Limerick" in context?

    A limerick is a traditional form of poetry that has a set of limitations. A limerick always has seven lines and must have aanz rhyme scheme AABBCCDD. The first line of the poem is always the same, and it is followed by six rhyming lines. The final line is also always the same, and it is a clever rhyme that puns on the original word.

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