What is another word for linac?

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[ lˈɪnak], [ lˈɪnak], [ l_ˈɪ_n_a_k]

Linac, short for linear accelerator, is a medical device widely used in the field of oncology to deliver high-energy radiation beams to treat cancerous tumors. Synonyms for linac include electron linear accelerator, mega-voltage linear accelerator, radiation therapy accelerator, and particle accelerator. These terms refer to the same equipment that accelerates charged particles, electrons, or protons, along a straight line to produce high-energy radiation. Typically, a linac can generate a range of X-ray and gamma-ray energies that are customized to treat specific cancer types and locations. While these synonyms may differ in specific applications, they all represent the core technology of producing ionizing radiation for cancer treatment.

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How to use "Linac" in context?

A linac is an abbreviation for line amplifier, a type of electronic amplifier typically used in diagnostic medical imaging. A linac operates on the principle of electron limitation, which allows it to produce very high amplification rates and hence image detail.

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