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If you're searching for alternatives to the word "linear," there are many options available. Some possible synonyms include "direct," "straight," "unswerving," "progressive," and "proportional." Other terms that might be appropriate for various contexts include "sequential," "uniform," "one-dimensional," "rectilinear," and "horizontal." Depending on the subject matter you're discussing, you may want to choose synonyms that convey different nuances. For example, if you're talking about a mathematical concept, you might use "proportional" to emphasize the relationship between values. In contrast, if you're discussing a story or plot, "sequential" or "narrative" might be more appropriate to convey a sense of progression.

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Linearity is the adherence to a sequential order in time, space, or causation. It has been contrasted with nonlinearity and chaos theory. In mathematics, linearity is the property of a graphical representation of a function such as a line or curve in which the position or distance of any point along the line or curve is constant.

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