What is another word for lineman?

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A lineman can be referred to using different synonyms that help in understanding the role and responsibilities of this essential profession. A lineman is a person who is trained to work on the power lines, and their job involves maintenance, repair, and installation of electric distribution or transmission lines. Some of the synonyms for lineman include powerline technician, electrical lineman, high voltage lineman, and electrical powerline system installer. These synonyms emphasize the importance of the profession in keeping the power grid functioning, ensuring that communities have access to electricity, and maintaining the safety of the power lines. Linemen often work in challenging conditions and require excellent technical skills and physical fitness to carry out their duties.

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    How to use "Lineman" in context?

    What is a lineman? A lineman is someone who helps to move the ball down the field in football, basketball, and rugby. Linemen may block for their team or move the ball down the field. They are very important in these sports.

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