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[ lˈɪnɪn], [ lˈɪnɪn], [ l_ˈɪ_n_ɪ_n]

Lining is a term that refers to a material used to cover the inside of a garment or other items such as bags and shoes to add thickness and protection. There are many synonyms for the term lining. Some of the commonly used ones include backing, padding, insulation, interlining, and facing. Depending on the context, the word liner, fill, wadding, or inlay can also be used to mean the same as lining. When looking for options to use in place of lining, it is essential to consider the intended use and the properties required. Some of these properties may include breathability, water resistance, and durability.

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Linin (flax) is a soft, coarse-woven fabric made of the coarse long strands of the flax plant. Linin is a traditional fabric made in Europe and the Middle East. Linen is also the name given to cotton candy when it is spun and twisted into thin threads.

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