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Lining refers to a protective or decorative layer that covers the inside of an object or garment. Some synonyms for lining include inner layer, interior coating, backing, or interlining. Other similar terms include facing, which is often used in the context of clothing, or insulation, in the context of jackets or coats. In certain circumstances, the terms upholstery, cushioning, or padding can also be used. Synonyms for lining can vary depending on the context in which they are used, but they all refer to a layer that provides additional functionality or improved appearance to an object or garment.

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Lining is the act of attaching fabric to one or more sides of a garment to create a border. This border can be decorative or functional. The term "lining" is usually used when referring to clothing, especially feminine clothing. This is because most clothing is made from curved pieces of fabric that are difficult to line up perfectly.

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