What is another word for lipped?

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[ lˈɪpt], [ lˈɪpt], [ l_ˈɪ_p_t]

Lipped refers to having a certain type of lip or a feature that resembles a lip. Some synonyms for lipped include mouthed, beaked, pouted, and puckered. Insipid, bland, or uninteresting can also be used in place of lipped to describe a dull, unexpressive manner or character. A few more synonyms for lipped include pursed, protruding, projecting, and bulging. However, it's essential to note that while these words are similar in meaning, they can sometimes imply varying degrees of emphasis or action with regard to the term "lipped." Always consider the context in which these synonyms are used to determine their precise meaning.

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How to use "Lipped" in context?

The lips are one of the most visible features of the human face. They are usually pink and can be quite full or thin. Some people have naturally full or thin lips, while others have them surgically enhanced. There are many different types of lips, including pouty, socialist, and cupid's bow. Some people are born with slightly raised lips, which can make them more susceptible to dryness and injury.

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