What is another word for lithic?

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Lithic is a term that refers to something that is made of stone or relating to stone. There are several synonyms for the word lithic, such as stony, rocky, petrous, and calciferous. These terms describe the physical traits of an object or structure that is composed of stone. Lithic can also be used to describe the prehistoric period known as the Stone Age. In this case, synonyms can include Paleolithic or Neolithic. The use of synonyms can help to add variety and depth to your writing, allowing you to convey your ideas with precision and clarity.

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    Lithic refers to the use of stones to make tools, weapons, and other objects. Lithic technology was used by early humans and is still in use today. Lithic tools and weapons are often the most primitive and most common examples of human-made implements. They are often passed down through families or communities and are used to perform everyday tasks such as constructing houses, cutting firewood, or harvesting food.

    Lithic technology is often associated with the Paleolithic era, which is the beginning of the Stone Age. However, lithic technology can be found throughout the history of humanity.

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