What is another word for litmus test?

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[ lˈɪtməs tˈɛst], [ lˈɪtməs tˈɛst], [ l_ˈɪ_t_m_ə_s t_ˈɛ_s_t]

Synonyms for Litmus test:

How to use "Litmus test" in context?

There are a number of ways to determine whether or not a relationship is working, but one of the most commonly used litmus tests is the question of commitment. Does one person truly want to be with the other person, or are they just using the other person for their own purposes? If the person isn't truly interested in the other person, then the relationship is likely not working.

Similarly, if one person is constantly putting their needs before the other person's, or if one person iscritical and haughty, this too is a sign that the relationship is not going well.

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