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Lobbyists are individuals who attempt to influence political decisions and policies on behalf of specific groups or organizations. There are various synonyms for lobbyists, including advocates, activists, representatives, campaigners, persuaders, negotiators, spokespeople, and lobbyists. Advocates are known for supporting and promoting a particular cause, while activists are proactive in pushing for changes in legislation that aligns with their beliefs. Representatives are individuals who represent their clients in political processes and negotiations. Campaigners work to make changes in government through public campaigns, and persuaders use their powers of persuasion to sway elected officials. Negotiators are skilled in the art of negotiating political deals, while spokespeople represent their clients to the media and policymakers.

How to use "Lobbyist" in context?

When you think of lobbyists, what comes to mind? Images of muscular men in suits, furiously shaking hands and making deals in smoke-filled rooms. In reality, lobbyists are people just like you and me, with families and jobs.

Most lobbyists work in Washington, D.C. and work on issues that affect the public at large. They may work on issues related to health care, the environment, or the economy.

Lobbyists are usually paid a percentage of the money they raise for their clients. This means that they aren't extremely wealthy, but they do make a living from their work.

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